Monday, July 18, 2011

Sem Break

so long nvr post edi==
wth im seriously moodless n busy b4 tis~

b4 i 4get
hapi 1yr 11months ya my babe <3
i will sek u 2 d max wei
no worries nth can come between us~

b4 tis damn worry abt my result
worried tat will fail statics
out of my expectation
thx Dr.Hosseini
I like u wei~
nt G@Y tat type
nex sem i sure pick 9 ur project d^^

recently so emo
dunno y
since whn
bcoz of wat
bcoz of who
seriously suffer xia
sometimes even thought of giving up
nt talk cock
coz really tension
no 1 can understand
frenz can comfort bt thn tat wont really help
mayb my mind is too negatively jor==
juz keep it myself is a better choice
b understanding
nt everything can be spoken out
nt dun wanna tell
nt acting moody
bt thn is better to keep than sharing it out
d consequences might b killing i can tell honestly
so i rather keep it and wait oni
dun blame me 4 tat
im behaving like tat
will try 2 change bt nt tat soon
so b patient^^

things tat i wouldn't wan it 2 b happened pls dun happen
pls wei~
im totally fucked up edi
so i dun wanna get anything more than tat
remind myself all d time
nt oni myself
be a rational 1~

havin sem break nw
sooooo lifeless~
planned 2 do so many stuff bt thn all finished in a shortwhile
so many free time made me damn boring man
any1 free d juz date me lar
i anytime on d no worries==

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